Erotic Art



Wow, here we are again and Iím Candice! Iím going to be your reviewer that helps you along to the sights and wonders laying within this Artist's most imaginative eye view. It's wonderful! It is! I donít just say these things you know! Really! Step inside with me to the impressive array of sweet curves and titillating wants of the erotic and the mystery of what lay beneath the hidden stories. With all these categories of yummy goodness, you just canít pass it up!

Here are three! Blind date, a most needy wanton way to go about dating in this world youíll ever find! Unless of course, you own a space ship, then thatís so different! It is! Are you laughing at me? Awww. You are laughing with me, I just knew it! Then thereís Extra Hours. And ooooh la la! It made me want to stay late. I mean, it was my favorite really. So much to delve into, everything just pulls you into it and you end up wanting more. Oh, we canít forget about Locker Jerk! It was amusing and yet, it was so very sensual and dangerous! I love dangerous things! Sort of! Except that one time with the aliens... Oh! Never mind me! Just remembering! I do that all the time! Just step right up, come inside, donít miss one thing or youíll regret it! Really!


It's All Coming Together!

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